Workshops are an integral part of the entire GeoSym2022.
The workshop will take place on September 29, 2022, on the last day of the Geosymposium.

Registration for workshops open until:
June 30, 2022 – peroid extended to August 16, 2022 or to fill the limit of places.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation in the workshop.

The condition for participation in the workshop is registration through GeoSym2022 „GeoSym2022 – registration form” or „GeoSym2022-Workshops – registration form”.

NOTE: The workshops will be conducted only in Polish. We would like to inform you that you can take part in one panel of workshops, as they will take place at the same time.

Workshop No. 1
The idea of the workshops is to present the concept of remediation and the applicable legal regulations in this regard, and selected remediation methods. Additionally, a case study will be carried out from the moment it has been determined whether the plot may have been contaminated and, if so, how to design ground chemical investigation to identify contaminant and the zone of contamination, how to perform the remediation plan procedure, and how to perform remediation with an estimate of potential costs.
Note: Each participant should have a calculator or a telephone with a calculator.

Workshops leaders: Ewa Iwanicka, Sylwia Janiszewska (business REMEA)
Limit of places: 30 people
Duration of the workshop: 4 hours

Workshop No. 2
The purpose of the workshop is to introduce theoretical knowledge and practical applications of laser scanning (TLS). Participants will learn the principles of measurement, location of measuring stations, different methods of data acquisition, and how to obtain different types of results from a point cloud.

Workshops leaders: Mariusz Adamczak, Łukasz Przedpełski (business Geocartis Sp.z o.o.)
Limit of places: 10 people
Duration of the workshop: 4 hours

Workshop No. 3
Ground Penetrating Radar methods Workshops with the use of WAVE software for data processing, viewing and interpretation. During the workshop, the presentation of the GPR equipment will be held and (depending on the weather condition) use of it in order to obtain measurements of data around the ECEG Centre. During the workshops, introduction of the WAVE software possibilities will be presented, thanks to which the participants could have the opportunity to process the data by themselves. In addition, during the workshops, there will be new possibilities for the presentation and interpretations of GPR results.

Workshops leaders: Jarosław Majewski (business Subgeo)
Limit of places: 12 people
Duration of the workshop: 4 hours

* The organizers reserve the right to introduce changes to the offered workshops.